What a year, what a year, what a mighty good year

A mighty mighty good year

Thaaat’s right folks, as of this Saturday Oct 20 I will officially be in my second year as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Can you believe it?

So many things have happened this year. I moved to Okahitua last October and got the hang of school.  Term 1 I started teaching a. Term 2 our principal went to a different school, so it was more getting used to working in a school without a boss. Also, in July of Term 2 our grade 3 and 4 teacher passed away unexpectedly. That hit the school and community pretty hard. Term 3 we got a new principal and a new grade 3 and 4 teacher. The school has a new energy, and I’m really excited for this upcoming year!

I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over Namibia with friends and family where I’ve seen elephants swim, lions eat, and giraffes drink water.

This past August holiday I was a part of Camp GLOW, a leadership camp for learners from all around Namibia. It was AMAZING! Kids age 12 through 18 from all over Namibia  were  nominated by pcv’s and host country organizations, and 88 came together for an amazing week of fun. During the week there were discussions about gender equality, HIV/AIDS, leadership qualities, and addressing issues in their community.

Kids in Namibia don’t get that many opportunities to be creative and express themselves, so they wen’t crazy at camp glow. Like kids in a candy store, except with crafts.

Some of my favorite, and the most hilarious memories from Camp GLOW surround the theme dinners we had. One night we had a “Camp GLOW Bling” themed dinner. No one really had bling…but we did have foil! Kids covered their teeth, shirts, arms, hair in little bits of aluminum foil. They made cell phones, microphones, glasses, crowns, kids got really creative and into it. If you check out my facebook page you can see a few pictures of some of us dressed up as well. I Made a big M and an O and wore a headband with a blinged out version of my own name, as well as a foil grill in my teeth.

I know many of you donated money to Camp GLOW. Thank you! Your support allowed for a successful week of fun-filled activities that I know inspired the future leaders of Namibia. You can check out all the fun they had in the pictures I’ve attached!

Many of the kids don’t come from the best home lives, and being able to be a kid for a week, with no other responsibilities and nothing else to worry about, is just an incredible almost unbelievable experience for them.  Thank you for helping these kids have this experience.


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